Our Toronto Limousine Limobility Feature Looks After Community Special Needs

As your Toronto limousine company of choice, we know how important it is to get involved with the community and look after those people in our midst with special needs. That’s one of the reasons that Fleet Limousine is especially proud of our Limobility feature providing accessible effective wheelchair transportation for seniors and the disabled.

People with special physical requirements will feel comfortable being administered to by our professional chauffeurs who are specially trained in accessibility. Our MV-1 Wheelchair Accessible Mobility vehicles have a variety of innovative features that make a difference for those who are looking to have a safe and comfortable ride to their destination. For example, the anti-slip surface on the floor and ramp ensures a sense of stability and security.

We are also pleased to offer a side-entry level ramp that allows people confined to a wheelchair the safety of being able to exit or enter the van away from street traffic. The extra wide access doors (36″ x 56″, which exceeds ADA guidelines) that we have fitted on our special vehicles make for an easier time for people who have special needs and there is enough interior room inside for six occupants with the possibility of adding a jump seat. Our limobility service in Toronto meets or exceeds all Canada Motor Vehicle Safety Standards (CMVSS).

We offer premium Mobility Transportation throughout Toronto and southern Ontario.

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